Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TUESDAY 19th _ MEETINGS: Planning and Management Council of Commune 8 (CPG)

Community Leaders
Planning and Management Council of Commune 8 (CPG-8)

This meeting was addressing to establish a comprehensive dialogue with leaders of the community who has been developing a Local Development Plan based from a participatory approach addressing to achieve the social construction of the habitat.

The purpose of this meeting was to tackle the historic trajectory of grassroots planning efforts in Comuna 8 and current proposals regarding the metropolitan green belt project. Community leaders presented the results of their Local Development Plan and the process of Social Construction of Habitat as basis for their territorial visions and projects. In particular, the claims of the Displaced population committee are relevant inasmuch as most of the population settled in the fringes are victims of forced displacement. Additionally, one of the leaders showed the results of a process of social cartography exploring the location of significant places and the way local communities envision a dignified housing layout. Finally, community leaders laid out the proposed political platform to interrogate the greet belt project. 

This presentations were preapred by Planning and Management Council of Commune 8 (CPG-8). 

Local Development Plan

Social Construction of Habitat

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