Monday, March 18, 2013

MONDAY 18th _ OPEN EVENT: Rethinking urban fringes in Medellin: alternative intervention models

This scenario aims to contribute to the current urban debate on one of the most complex planning challenges for the region: the management of urban growth associated with risk management and the implementation of strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The event will be organized in three main sections:

Institutional Presentation:
Edgar Meneses. Vice-chancellor Faculty of Architecture
Catalina Ortiz Arciniegas. Director School of Urban and Regional Planning

Self-produce city logics (Theoretical):
Carlos Torres, PhD. Professor UNAL Bogotá
Jaime Hernández, PhD. Professor Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá

Neighborhood rehabilitation proposals (Methodological):
Carmen Mendoza, PhD. Professor International University of Catalunya
Sandra Bestraten, Arq. Professor International University of Catalunya
Students Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture, International University of Catalunya (BCN)

International experiences on neighborhood upgrading and growth management (Empirical):
Clara Irazábal, PhD. Director LatinLab Columbia University
Students Master on Urban Planning, Columbia University (NYC)

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