Friday, March 15, 2013


"The boundary is not a spatial fact with sociological consequences, but a sociological fact that forms itself spatially." (Georg Simmel, 1997: 142)

This workshop provides a platform for conducting pedagogical proposals that, in turn, serve to address the needs of communities and develop technical skills in students. By delving into a real, local problem we hope to generate a place for reflection on the complex socio-spatial issues facing interdisciplinary planning exercises, and explore the ethical and professional responsibilities that arise when interacting with partners. The role of the workshop in the master’s program is to create an ​​academic work that poses the unique challenges of real-world interdisciplinary planning projects. The workshop is an educational experiment that is part of a collaborative initiative with the Master of Urban Planning at Columbia University - New York and a Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Housing International University of Catalonia - Barcelona.

This exercise develops the curriculum in core subjects of the respective Masters programs; for this first version of the joint workshop, the focus will be the improvement and regularization of informal settlements in the border.

General objective of the workshop:

Produce a critical debate on the border intervention strategies through the expansion, discussion and review of related theoretical and applied strategies staged in other contexts. In addition, we seek to build a consensus among community, institutional and academic actors in order to produce a model of intervention in the urban edge.


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